Other Services

Software Implementation & Training


Implementing a new accounting software is not as simple as inserting a disk and pressing enter.  Any new software needs some setup.  Maximizing the benefits of your new software will require both planning and training.  Cat's Whiskers Consulting Group can help.  We have over fifteen years experience in implementing accounting software.  We can help you choose the right software for your company, plan your implementation, and train your staff.  Call us for a quote.



Business Start-Up


At Cat's Whiskers, we will help you decide which is the appropriate business entity for your business.  Once you have decided which entity is best, we will help you with all the necessary filings and paperwork.  This includes:

Articles of Incorporation

State Filings 

Corporate Bylaws

Partnership Agreements                   


Annual Reporting                                          

Stock Certificates                           

Tax Payer ID# Applications  


Office Administration

Are you swamped by a deluge of paperwork?  Don't know what you should keep or for how long?  Not sure who owes you money?  Want to know which of that pile of bills needs to be paid today? Do you need help organizing the administration of your business?   Cat's Whiskers Consulting Group can help.  

We will help you organize all that paper and establish an appropriate filing system.  We will recommend software solutions to reduce the space used up by paper records.  We will help establish management systems and document flows to ensure that the right people get the right documents at the right time. When we get done you will be able to find any document with ease.